Double Agency

Double Agency, Photo by Robbie Acklen, 2015 ©My Barbarian

Double Agency, Photo by Robbie Acklen, 2015 ©My Barbarian

Commissioned by the Los Angeles County 
Museum of Art, Double Agency is a web series that uses the museum as the location for a spy thriller in which secret agents infiltrate the institution. The nal episode, shot in front of a live audience, included 12 masks made as “forgeries” of works in LACMA’s collection. Guest performers includes Robbie Acklen, Nao Bustamante, Jibz Cameron, and Adam Dugas.

Masks of the World, 2015
Aqua-resin, berglass, plaster, paper mâché, acrylic, cardboard, wood, raf a, synthetic hair, glue, mother of pearl, sand, twine, brass, linen, foam, terracotta, white clay

Episode 1:
The Viewer and the Viewed

Video, 6:26 min, 2015

Episode 2:
A Critical Eye

Video, 7:20 min, 2015

Episode 3:
In His Own Image

Video, 4:51 min, 2015

Episode 4:
Masks of the World

Performed live at LACMA, 16:41 min,  April 28th, 2015, 7:30PM

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